Cultural Educational
Association “Ihumen”

Republic of Belarus, Cherven,
St.. Barykin, 99–30, Tel.: 8(214)5-69-88

Organization Information

Public association "IhumerT was organized in 1994. In March 10, 2000 it was registered by the Justice department of Minsk regional executive committee and since that time acts on the territory of Cherven District. The activities are coordinated by the Board that consists of 3 people. The head of the board is responsible for the general coordination of the work. The association has 10 members, all volunteers. It covers the territory with 36,5 thousand people including Cherven with 12 thousands of inhabitants and Smilovichy with 6.5 thousand ones.

Major aim of the organization

To unite the creative people for joint study and restoration of historical and cultural heritage of the area and its promotion among public.



  1. In the period of work we managed to: organize children city theater Photos>>
  2. Make and open the memorial shields dedicated to the famous composer Mikhola Ravensky, the author of "Mahutny Bozha" ancient national anthem who lived in our town as well as to the mother of the famous Belarusian poet Maxim Bahdanovich Mary Apanasaune Myakota who was bom in Cherven (ancient Ihumen).Photos>>
  3. Make and erect the sculpture of the legendary founder of the town Mother-Ihumenja in the town center.Photos>>
  4. Conduct much work to find the places of the mass executions of the political prisoners in 1941 by NKVD. They were the citizens of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and were kept in the local prison. After that the annual mourning ceremonies "Zhalbiny" with the delegations from Lithuania, Poland and other countries are organized on the place of the biggest executionon June 26.Photos>>
  5. Organize the regional festival of children theatres.


Project Head

The head has the higher education and 20 years of experience of the public activities. She coordinates the organization from the very moment of its creation in 1994. Cooperated with Soros foundation in 1996 and NDI in Eastern Europe in 1999.

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